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Tax Returns Made Simple is the brainchild of The Made Simple Group, a leading company formation agent in the UK, Westbury Chartered Accountants with over 70 years of experience and 1st Contact Ltd, chartered accountants specialising in the freelance and contractor sector.

For years, the preparation and submission of Tax Returns has largely been dealt with by the accountancy profession. In many cases, the process was long-winded and expensive and whilst value could be added for more complicated cases, for many people, such a service made little sense. Unfortunately, there was little alternative.

In the last few years, the HMRC website provided an online solution and hundreds of thousands of people have taken advantage of this. For the tax year 2009, over 1.7m people used the HMRC system yet this in itself has many problems. Apart from the fact that information has to be entered and duplicated each year and the eventual tax calculation is very difficult to understand, the latest revelations about tax errors have made many re-think their use of this system. Additionally, HMRC provide no guidance as to how to save tax – why would they?

Tax Returns Made Simple provides a simple secure and low cost way to deal with your taxes.

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