Frequently Asked Questions

I am sharing very personal information, how secure is the system?

All details are stored in a secure database and access is only granted to yourself (via your login) and the accountant who prepares your return.

You say 7 day turnaround guaranteed, 7 days from when?

7 days guaranteed once your tax details are sent through to our accountants. So, once you've paid, completed the simple tax questions and uploaded any supporting docs it will be sent to us and we'll get it back to you within 7 days!

How do I pay for my Tax Return?

Payment is made online via our secure 256-bit encrypted system. You can also choose to pay via Paypal if you wish.

What happens if I am not happy with the service?

Please get in touch. We're not happy if you're not happy.

What do I receive?

You'll get your tax return prepared for you within 7 days, guaranteed! We'll file it for you with HMRC and let you know if you need to pay or are due a rebate.

How does the Return get sent to HMRC?

We file all returns electronically with HMRC. This means you know immediately that it's been successfully filed and what your rebate, if available, you will get.

How do I know what and when to pay to HMRC?

Once we have prepared your return we will provide you with details of what and when you must pay or if you are due a rebate.

What happens if I realise after the Tax Return has been submitted that I have omitted something?

Contact us immediately. The sooner you can get in touch the more likely we will still be able to update your tax return. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that it can be done but we promise to try our best!

How do I upload my documentation?

It's a simple process that we'll guide you through. But basically you will select the file from your local computer and hit 'Upload'.

What happens if my tax return is not prepared within 7 days?

If your tax return is not prepared within 7 days we will refund you half the price of your purchase.

What if I don’t send my information to you until less than 7 days before 31 Jan?

We can’t guarantee that we will be able to complete it in time but our support team will be able to tell if it's possible or not.

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